Ülker Kekstra Jelly Strawberry Cake

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A spongy, crumbling cake with a perfect filling of cream and strawberry jelly. The perfect Turkish snack to have at any time of the day. Ülker kextra is the right choice for those who like strawberries, snacks and want to try new flavors. Strawberry jelly in the middle of the soft and fluffy cake is among the indispensables of five teas.

Produced from ingredients that are not harmful to health, the cake makes those who are in mild taste research happy. Prepared in accordance with everyone’s taste, the product is one of the popular choices in sweet crises. Its flexible and soft cake keeps its freshness for a long time thanks to its special packaging. Strawberry jelly has an aromatic taste as well as being fluid.

Kekstra is also popular with strawberry teens and children. The cake, which helps remove the open feeling, offers a delicious experience during the day thanks to its jelly, taste, and aroma of the cake.