Ülker 9 Kat Banana Cream Waffer

(U.S. Sale Price 1.15$)

The perfect sweet, Turkish treat with flawless banana cream, and crisp layers that will melt on your tongue! With Ülker 9 Kat Tat, your tea hours will be much more enjoyable. This product will delight the wafer lovers with its taste and crunchy structure. The first quality of the materials in it is among the details that reinforce the satisfaction!

It will impress you with the quality of its 9x taste content and its uniform structure. The wonderful hazelnut cream will satisfy people who enjoy fresh flavors! Ülker does not compromise on quality and domestic production.

Even when you’re hungry, this flavor will put you under full effect and suppress your hunger!

From manufacturing to packaging, quality is the most important criterion. If you want to find an efficient snack, you’re in the right place. A great option for children as well as for adults!