Turkish Delight – 4 different types

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4 Types of Turkish Delight
The sweetest member of Turkish cuisine, the best gift, the best coffee companion, a nostalgic taste from our childhood; Turkish Delight.

You will feel the difference when you taste the pistachio delight produced with pure sugar beet without using glucose.

Box Ingredients:
1 King Delight with Kadayif Coated Pomegranate Flavored Pistachio,
1 King Turkish Delight with Pistachio Coated with Pomegranate Flavor,
1 King Turkish Delight with Rose Leaf Covered with Rose Flavored Pistachio,
1 King Delight with Coconut and Cocoa Coated Pomegranate Flavored Pistachio.

Do not contain any Synthetic Sweeteners and Flavors. Made with original 100% Pomegranate Syrup and only herbal (natural) food Coloring and Flavors are used in this product.

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