Biscolata Mood Cookies with Chocolate Filling Snacks

(U.S. Sale Price 1.99$)

A scrumptious Turkish snack with a luscious, sweet chocolate filling and crunchy outer layer, and of course, a magnificent flavor, texture, and design that will match any mood you’re in (or perhaps make it any better 😉 )!

Indulge yourself with our crispy chocolate snacks. Feel the satisfying crunch bite after bite as the biscuit’s thin and tasty cookie shell crumbles inside your mouth. Relish the thick and oozing sweetness of our crust-covered chocolate filling. Let your taste buds light up with the rich and sweet flavor of our bite-sized dessert. Reward yourself during study time and work breaks. Our chocolate-filled cookies come in portable, sealed cups, ready to munch when you crave for something sweet and creamy. People with a sweet tooth will love our cookies’ delectable taste–especially the youngsters! The snacks also come in fun shapes and cute emoji designs. A treat for the stomach and eyes!